Is it too late to start a no contact rule after 5 months of breakup?

He was the one to end it, after 2 years of being together. It was out of the blue, still don't know what the hell happened. We were in a LDR by the way.

Anways, we were on and off after the breakup. He kept initiating contact and hang outs, while I was being too weak and couldn't resist the temptation. I had hopes of getting back together. A week ago, I told him I still love him. He said he doesn't want back because he wants to focus on finishing his studies. That was the last time we talked and I told him I wish him the best with his career and that I won't be bothering him anymore. He said he doesn't want to lose touch with me and I didn't respond to that, I just logged out.

So, is it too late to start a no contact now? I am almost sure he is gonna write me again. But it's been a week and he hasn't skyped me yet, he doesn't even show up on Skype that often anymore. I know his school started but I'm not sure if that's the reason he is not showing up anymore.

I want to do this both in hope that I get over him or to get him back. For those who have done a no contact rule, how did it go? What do I do if he starts spaming me or gets angry that I'm not answering? What if he thinks that I gave up and stops writing? When do I initiate back the contact again, and how?
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And do I block him from Skype during no contact or leave him be and just ignore?
Is it too late to start a no contact rule after 5 months of breakup?
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