Is it too late to start a no contact rule after 5 months of breakup?

He was the one to end it, after 2 years of being together. It was out of the blue, still don't know what the hell happened. We were in a LDR by the way.

Anways, we were on and off after the breakup. He kept initiating contact and hang outs, while I was being too weak and couldn't resist the temptation. I had hopes of getting back together. A week ago, I told him I still love him. He said he doesn't want back because he wants to focus on finishing his studies. That was the last time we talked and I told him I wish him the best with his career and that I won't be bothering him anymore. He said he doesn't want to lose touch with me and I didn't respond to that, I just logged out.

So, is it too late to start a no contact now? I am almost sure he is gonna write me again. But it's been a week and he hasn't skyped me yet, he doesn't even show up on Skype that often anymore. I know his school started but I'm not sure if that's the reason he is not showing up anymore.

I want to do this both in hope that I get over him or to get him back. For those who have done a no contact rule, how did it go? What do I do if he starts spaming me or gets angry that I'm not answering? What if he thinks that I gave up and stops writing? When do I initiate back the contact again, and how?
And do I block him from Skype during no contact or leave him be and just ignore?


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  • He broke up with you and told you he wanted to focus on his studies. Then threw in that slight hold of "I want to stay in contact". It's natural that you want to contact him, but he's the one that already made that decision knowing how you would feel about it. The truth is, he isn't ready to commit to a LDR and even if you get back together, how long will it last since the reason you broke up still exists? I know it hurts, but it isn't healthy to linger onto someone who is prepared to keep you on the hook. You deserve someone who will want you, and be willing to stick it out with you. I don't think that's what he's interested in doing, so I would just move on. When he messages you, just remind him that he broke up with you and you need to focus on your life. He clearly didn't want to be apart of it so now he has no rights to get angry that you aren't taking his calls or focusing on him. Find someone closer who is worthy of you.


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  • Just because two people Breakup doesn't mean they can't and don't Makeup and that it's Goodbye, my love forever. And with Two "EX" who Marks an X in one another's softie spots, there might come a time down the love line When... I want to do this in both hope that I get over him or get him back.
    I, for One, am probably the Biggest and Bestie from the Restie in Dealing with a LDR. I have a husband out in Egypt who I married a few years back, and with returning back to the states, it Has been an On and Off again Marriage with Not... Getting on the same page. However, with Our love and an Unconditional One at that, we Finally just May have gotten it totally together. It took a lot of hard work and with This, team work, for in a LDR, if only One is making the effort and having the patience to take the time to Be online, it can and will go dead real quick in the water.
    You Cannot Have your sweet cake and Eat it Two here, dear. It has to be Either you hang in there and wait until the cows come home for him to Come back and See what Might be if he would Skype when he is free, or just move on and focus on you. You cannot even Make a 'Move' if you just leave your heart and head hanging, you Need to start talking to yourself. He has told you in so many of his own wary words that 'He doesn't want back because he wants to focus on Finishing his studies.'
    My husband and I had a Time Factor for 7 hours Difference but Still, we would work around the clock. He may just be giving you lame duck excuses because he doesn't want to really be in a LDR of Internet and No Get with this Relationship.
    Begin a new Beguine of Focusing on you. Let it go. Perhaps 'No Contact' is the way to Go to give yourself a break and some space, and if he comes around, be lite and friendly and civil but from where I am sitting, Right now just being Friends is the right way to go.
    You both need to talk and not by text. You have feelings for one another and I do believe with the writing on the wall and all, just being Friends is the way to keep it together.
    'No contact' is Okay but for you both, Something has to be said because I see nothing but you both batting a ball back and forth over the fence.
    Good luck. xx


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  • I keep seeing you asking questions about this and it pains me to see that you just won't move on. You need to accept that it is over. You are obsessing over someone who quite clearly told you he does not want to be with you.

    The no contact rule is so that you move on. It was never meant to be to get someone back, it's just that people started to think it is. But yes, stop contacting him. I keep telling you that but you ignore all the advice you get on here and just keep asking questions in the hope that someone will write what you want to hear.

    We cannot stop you. We can only tell you that you need to move on. In the end, it's your decision. But you're just hurting yourself. If he truly loved you, he would have time for you. Concentrating on one's studies is nothing but a lame excuse. I (and many others) finished my MA while being in a relationship. If he wanted to be with you, he would be with you. Move on.


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