No contact after a short term relationship?

I dated this guy for about 3 months and during the last month he began doing the fade from me. This was when we began getting very intimate and noticeably began to lack contact. We finally spoke on the phone and he said that can't be in a relationship at the moment due to everything happening in his life such as work, classes and the big move (in a new apartment). With all that, he said that he is having trouble keeping in contact with his friends and family and doesn't think it is fair to get into a relationship where he won't be able to give 100% like I deserve. He also said that us getting intimate was a big deal and he wasn't ready to give his all to me... he mentioned how guarded he is with his feelings. He said it was always exclusive and he cares. He wants to remain friends and blah blah blah...

We even had a romantic Valentine's day and he told me that it was the best Valentine's day he has had in a very long time (same for me). However he said he was thinking more of the moment rather than 2 weeks/5months from then...

Now we have been in no contact for 2 weeks... I plan on the whole no contact for at least 30 days. For short term relationship, would he come back to me or at least contact me? He looks at every snap I send out in my story... Has anyone has similar experiences?

Valentines Day

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  • It's always hard to guess with short term, I have been on both sides of the story.. I guess sometimes you have no idea what is going on in the other persons head.
    He sounds like there is some interest there, but it sounds like he is genuinely unsure too..
    Looks like a tough one, good luck


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  • He might contact you if it was a serious relationship and he cared about you, I was in a short relationship with a guy and we both fell in love with each other and he broke up with me a month ago and at first he didn't contact me he ignored me but then he has contacted me 5 times since. But if you what you guys had was special he will start to miss you and might contact you.

    • I really hope that he will start to miss me. I felt that there was something special between us and the chemistry is out of this world. What was the reason for your guy to break up with you? Are you guys back together?

    • My ex broke up with me because he didn't have time and I kind of initiated it but he ended it I guess I felt like he didn't care anymore because he was acting distant. We're not back together but he did tell me he wanted to come see me to try and work things out but he never came so I sent him a text that I'm going to walk away from it and I haven't heard from him since Wednesday but I do want to get back together with him.

      I hope everything works out for you :)

Valentines Day