Ex girlfriend asked me to lunch? is it worth going?

my ex girlfriend and I broke up in October.

we dated for 2 years and it was the longest and most caring relationship for both of us.

we broke up because we weren't getting along.

and we couldn't fix our fighting.

anyway...i woke up this morning to an email from my ex asking if I wanted to do lunch sometime soon.

i interpret any communication with an ex to be weird because unless you guys are friends there really isn't much to talk about. I mean I don't get lunch with an ex lover to be like "hey how are you, etc" I feel that's more suited for friends.

anyway...should I get together with her?

i don't want it to be like "i miss you, we should work this out, etc" because the last time she asked me out to lunch it was like that (we broke up for a month in the springtime).

sure id like things to work out but I'm not sure if they would.



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What Girls Said 1

  • Sure, go to lunch and see what she wants. If you want things to work out you have to take it slow. You can't jump back into the relationship you had. It was broken and in order for it to work the next time around you have to start anew which is difficult to do with someone you share so much with. Have either of you changed anything about yourselves that would help your relationship? If not, maybe you should discuss what went wrong and steps you can both take to improve yourselves.


What Guys Said 1

  • Well, what do you want? If you know why you broke up and feel like it won't work, then why go through that again? Just cut your loss and move on.

    I wouldn't waste the effort trying for a relationship, but that's up to you.

    As far as a friendship goes.. That's up to you.


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