Why would a long distance dumper call you after 6 months NC?

Hello everyone,
Well, won't dwell much on the entire story but was a LDR. He broke it off due to distance apparently. We work together so have a number of mutual friends. I'm away for studies till next year when I graduate.
I accepted the breakup painfully though and asked him to respect the fact that we can't be friends just yet. He kept on texting to which I stood my ground. He wouldn't burge so I called to find out exactly what he wanted. He had no intentions of reconciliation whatsoever so I completely cut him off (radio silence), to ease the healing. I am doing much better I must say. Somethings he did after the BU that was hurtful.
Just last week after 6 months he called me but I did not pick up. He never called, he usually texted. I don't plan on breaking my pattern because nothing is going to change I believe. It made me realise how tough Long distance relationships can be if not well nurtured so I am trying to protect myself from caving and perhaps getting hurt again. The past months have been tough as is.
A close colleague mentioned he said he has hope we will get back together to which I did not react anyway. Why would he be calling after all this time. Any ideas will be much appreciated.

Thank You


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  • Who knows. But yes just let it go. You got over it once why reopen those wounds.

    • Thank you for the feedback. And yeah, I will do just that.

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  • Perhaps he wants to keep u on the "back burner" for later? Has he ever talked about moving closer... either him or u?

    • Hello and thank you for the response. I believe that's his motive basically. I will be done with my studies next year and that's when I get back permanently. Apparently he mentioned he has hope we shall rekindle the relationship. Decided to let it rest though like the previous respondent hinted.

      thanks a bunch _ X

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