My ex-boyfriend broke up with me out of nowhere??

So I was dating this guy for 7 months. He hit it off great. Within 2 months in the relationship we were already traveling together and with my family. He would always talk about our future and how we would get married etc. Our parents had a family BBQ like a month ago at his house. Then out of no where for like a week he was distant he would normally call me like 10 times a day and text me like 20 times then it went to 2 calls a day to 5 texts a day. I thought he was stressed from work so I wrote him a letter and poured my heart out. Then he stood me up for a date and avoided my calls and texts for almost a week. Then finally I a hold of him and he told me "Your a perfect women but not perfect for me" "I can't see out futures together" he said that's why I have trying to think about this week if those are true feelings... WTF! Please help clear my head...


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  • He could have met someone else. The "honeymoon" period could be over, and the withdrawal feelings feel like falling out of love. He definitely wan't communicating his feelings with you during the relationship, it didn't seem genuinely open. He was probably unhappy about something and never told you. I would say it's not out of nowhere, something probably bothered him. What it is, who knows. What can you do about it? nothing. I'm sorry this happened to you.

    Similar situation happened to me, and I almost did this to my current girlfriend. My ex cheated on me, so the "met someone else was true" in my case, when I almost did this to my girlfriend, I had a lot of grievances with the relationship that I couldn't communicate to her and felt like there was no point in trying. I didn't meet anyone else, I would never cheat, I was simply unhappy, and whenever I tried to talk to her, things would end up as my fault or me being unreasonable. I finally did break up one day, but she's very persistent, and practically barged into my place wanting to know why and wanting to fix whatever was bothering me. We are more or less okay now.


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  • In the beginning it is always la la land. Than when couples get further in a relationship, some people have a hard time communicating. Things bother them and they keep it all in. (Not to say that you did something wrong) He either has a committment phobia or met someone else. Those things are just excuses he made by saying those things to you. Don't rack your brain with it, I know its gonna be difficult but surround yourself with family and friends and remain positive. Keep busy, do for you now. He may try to contact you in the near future. Its up to you to pursue it or not. I wouldn't do it. Be happy you weren't married with kids and he pulled this stunt. Take some time and start over. There are plenty of other great guys out there, don't let this change who you are as a woman.

  • Sounds like he met someone else.


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