Why are women bad at communication?

Okay, so I talk to women and men all the time, as per being a human and social. When I talk to men it's usually just straight-forward questions and answers, with logical precedents and conclusions when discussing things and short but to the point conversation in general. I like this.

With women it's just all over the damn place, with secret messages and bullsh*t thinking combined with poor logical thought and generally nonsensical argumentation or even just general conversation. They are random, they aren't to the point, they are verbose, and they say very little worth listening to.

Obviously these are my general experiences and I know females and males that defy these or are even opposite my view, but it puzzles me mainly because it's really difficult to talk to people who have no point, who have interest in generally superflurious things, and are almost so driven by bad thinking and media influence ( "Media" referring also to word-of-mouth A.K.A. girlfriends ) with bandwagon mentality that it's just... stupid.

It takes me twice as long to get something simple done with a woman than with a man. Now most say women are better communicators, but I think that's nuts, because when was the last time you really struggled with a guy to get something simple as hell across? No, I mean something that's actually valuable and tangible, like a process, not your emotional turmoil which is actually horribly complex.

Does anyone agree with me?
I agree, women are not as good as men when it comes to communications.
I disagree, women are better than men when it comes to communications.
I disagree, women and men are equal in communications.
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Why are women bad at communication?
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