My ex will call and text me drunk but not sober, why?

My ex and I broke up over a year ago, I've had difficulty moving on and he hasn't made it any easier by yo-yo'ing in and out my life.
I found out a few months back he had a girlfriend so I blocked him (or so I thought I did). One night he calls me up telling me he wants to see me and he's in my hometown, he comes round, tells me he's no longer with the girlfriend and wants hugs. Nothing more happened. He wakes up, sober and panicking to find out he's not actually single.. After that though, he did become single but we never spoke.
This past weekend I get another call, this time for longer and he's telling me he loves me, wants kids, wants to move in together and he can't stop thinking about me... He even tells his friends he's talking to me (before he seemed ashamed). But he's mentally messed up, he's suffering with severe depression and seems to find alcohol and drugs help.
I spoke to him briefly the next day and he said he'd message me soon... Days later, I text to see how he is, nothing, no reply! This is the usual act of him, drunkenly talk to me and then ignore me sober.
I realise I'm an ex for a reason, but I have feelings!

Dutch courage? Or just messing with me?


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What Guys Said 2

  • simple. men get horny when they get drunk!

  • He probably doesn't know he's doing that.


What Girls Said 1

  • ... But he's mentally messed up, he's suffering with severe depression and seems to find alcohol and drugs help.
    This is what I Refer to as a "Full Circle Problem Patter" with an Ex from The past, and it will never End, my Friend, it will Continue to go round and round like a 'Round' of Drinks.
    He is Not Ready Not Raring to be in a Real Relationship with you or hold on to anyone New because he is too 'Messed Up' in the head from all of his issues, Making booze and drugs One of them.
    Block him from your phone, Stay Clear, Dear. This is 'One' Bad Relationship that Died a long time ago so.. Let Go and let God Now.
    He may have some feelings that are still within but is too 'Messed Up' to be able to handle Anything and will just go on, Acting them out, Best from the Rest when he is drunk and stoned so he doesn't Have to Commit to 'Anything' he thinks he may have to Account for so this is his Cowardly way of doing things.
    Good luck. xx


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