Does the feeling of heartbreak last forever?

I love my girlfriend dearly with my whole heart but in the end she dumped me without a second thought. It's been three weeks but I can still feel my heart breaking every second. It is killing me and I'm literally dying right now. People told me that time heals everything but I'm not sure if I can make it. She's the only one I had and once she promised me she'd never leave me no matter what happens but she broke her promise along with my heart.


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  • One of the most valuable things in life that I learnt is... the heart is stronger than you imagine. Hearts do heal and they do love again.

    You may never forget someone , and still have fond memories , but time helps you to learn live with the hurt. Your feelings may never totally go away , but memories fade and the pain eases.

    There's no guarantees with love. No one can truly promise to never hurt you or never leave you, because people change and their feelings change.

    Falling in love is a risk to take , but sometimes some people are worth the risk of a broken heart if the relationship should fail. You just have to be strong and work through the pain you feel right now. The pain won't always be as raw as it is now.


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  • Heartbreak hurts like nothing else out there. It does not last forever though, even though now it seems like it will never end. The best thing I found for heartbreak was to surround myself with friends and keep myself busy, so that I would not keep thinking about the hurt. Perhaps that may work for you as well, don't stay alone and try write things down that hurt. May help as well.

    Just know that it will not last forever and it will get better, take care of yourself OP and if you need to talk or write or scream, do so.

    • Thanks OP! I do hope that you are feeling and doing better

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  • I always looked at break-ups as a new start and a way of getting back to your own basics. It is just one of life's test. The heartache will heal and the faster you realize that heartache is just part of life you become a better man and learn from it. It is always there in the background, but with every negative in life, there are often more positives that overshadow it!

  • Why she dumped you?


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