Why is my ex asking our mutual friends about me?

So me and my ex have been broken up almost a year now, and ever since the breakup neither of us has ever spoken to each other. It has been really hard for me to recover from the fact we've broken up and I finally did but a mutual friend of ours told me that my ex keeps asking about me like all the time. Why do you think he is possibly asking for me?


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  • It may be because he hasn't gotten over you. I broke up with mine because of some terrible things that happened behind closed doors and he messaged a friend of mine a few days ago to see if I was okay. I did speak to him and told him I was doing great and told him about all of the axcomplishments I've made in the last year without him which he understood was my way of saying I didn't need him.
    Don't get me wrong it is hard to get over somebody you have dedicated your life to. But with the right support from friends and family it does get easier. I just had to think of all of the good I was achieving from not being with him. I had more time for friends. More money to save for my own place. I can now go on holiday. I realised that the sooner I knew who I was and what I wanted I'd find somebody more suited for me. It is hard but the quicker I let him go the happier I became X

    • You are absolutely right because when I was with him I was doing nothing but spending money on food on movies, etc but now that I am not with him I am focusing more on me and my school and my future. I think me not speaking to him for almost a year now is killing him so he is constantly asking about me because he may be misses me but I am gonna decide on moving on and on focusing on me.

    • I'm glad you think that :) at the end of the day if you dwell on everything that happened in the past all of these opertunities could be missed for your future X just focus on yourself for a while and have a good time and you'll find your perfect person... Just don't go out looking for it xx

    • Thank you so much 😊

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