He pretended he didn't know me?

We didn't date long and he ended it. We haven't seen each other since the end of August. Well I ran into him at the store while I was talking to my friend. I was dressed up for Halloween and I looked stunning. He walked in looked over at me we made eye contact and he looked just as dumb founded as I did. He looked away first so I looked away and I had this weird sensation to say look and say hi but I didn't. My friend didn't see him so I whispered he was in there and she started quietly running her mouth about him and I shushed her. He cashed out and talked to the woman next to him and I went to leave however when I almost made it to the door until he power walked in front of me flung open the door like he owned the place then at the last second slowed the door down so it wouldn't close shut on me and then kept walking but I could feel his eyes on me all the way to my car and while I drove off.
He pretended he didn't know me?
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