Why did she gave me false hope?

We're college freshmen and got to know each from day 1, I was never hoping for anything out of that relationship but she told me that she loves me and want me in her life forever. But then she told me she's not ready to commit and we decided to broke up. I wanted her but she changed her mind and doesn't want me to see her anymore. I have shared so much with her and so did her. Why did this happen, why the hell she gave me that false hope?


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  • She is playing you it sounds. She is trying to string you along and see if you go for it. Don't fall for it.

    • do you mean like she's testing whether im loyal or messing with me... i know she's jealous of me tho bcus im kinda the hottest guy in campus.. im not joking im a straight matt bomer

  • A lot of women can be cruel for no reason. There's no rationality behind it.


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