Do women ever miss their rebound relationship?

recently me and my girlfriend ( i was her rebound) broke up, i broke up with her and she broke up with me, happened a couple times. but today its finally over, im kind of happy knowing im not a second place guy anymore, and realize that when she goes back to her ex, she will be miserable. her ex was really physically abusive to her. things were great in the beginning and came on strong, after 4 month mark it went down hill fast, fights constantly and only sex is when we connected, barely any conversations at this point, im happy to move on it was such a huge relief off my shoulders, and I'm emotionally available then the last time my heart was broken ( not by her) i didn't feel anything when we broke up, just wondering if she will ever miss me>? or regret her choices she made to make the relationship so terrible to be in? if her and her ex get back together and she realizes i was right and a better person than he was, do you think she will try to come back? not saying i want that, but do women ever miss their rebound relationship?


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  • It depends if you were really, really good to her. I've had women of all sorts hit me up later and I've always had the feeling that she just got out of a bad relationship and is contacting me out of nowhere due to a 'what if' type situation.

    The one you described, I don't think she'll miss anything. ;-)


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