Ex friends with benefits stalking me on POF?

I bounced cause he wouldn't give me a relationship said he didn't have time n all this. I said promise you won't contact me cause I have to get over him. I start on these dating sites again n I get this one guy and I know its him!!! He msgs the same and the same frequency of txtin and all that. I asked just to test him wow I would like to meet you, can we go meet at Starbucks and he said I don't meet people. If that's true why be on a social dating site? And another thing he's done this before and I caught him and he posted that he was an engineer in that profile and now on this one. I still care about the asshole but still whys he doing this?


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  • Block him. Super simple, but it doesn't really sound like you want to

  • What a freak block him


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