Ex-boyfriend unfollowed me, but didn't block me?

Basically, I'm 19 and the guy I used to be involved with is 31. He took my senior pictures and we used to work together at a restaurant. I won't go into detail, but I'm still very much into him. However, he was promoted to a management position back in January, and my boss found out we had a thing and told him to end things with me. He thought I told everyone about us, when he literally gave us away with his actions inside the restaurant. I ended up quitting to focus on school and get away from all the drama, but came back for two months. We still didn't speak, and he got in a relationship 2 weeks later (with a girl who has the same name as me and looked quite a bit like me in pictures, which were sent to me from coworkers, which he found out about and had her block me, as well as he) and told everyone about their relationship to try and put down anymore talk of him and I. I was extremely heartbroken, and still am. But I'm back on my feet, and have left the restaurant for good. I wanted to be on civil terms with him after countless fights, disrespect from him, and his inability to listen or reason with me, and flat out stopped all interaction. I've been using IG quite a lot recently, and have started posting pictures with friends and trips that I've taken. However, he posted a photo from a recent trip he took on his photography page's IG and I liked it. He then proceedeed to unfollow me, but he didn't block me? And then a friend of mine sent me a picture of a status update from him, that he was single, and another from his now-ex-gf who posted about how men use women for things like cooking (he lives alone with a cat) and driving them around (he has 3 DWI's and can't drive). So...

1. Why would he unfollow me but not block me so suddenly?
2. Why did he unfollow me the same day he broke up wih her, but not unfollow or block her?
Ex-boyfriend unfollowed me, but didn't block me?
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