What does a guy mean when he says tbh I don't know why?

This guy & I were talking for a while then became a couple. We vibed good, hung out a lot, easy conversation & just a natural mutual chemistry. After 2 weeks he decided in his mind I was his lady (wasn't aware no verbal communication on that) after he slipped up in conversation that we were in fact together. He had me meet his mom, dad and cousin. (Sprung that on me as well) Everything was good. He kept telling me how different I was from the rest, how I've shown him nothing but loyalty & how I opened his eyes that after a bad experience good ones can follow. Also how thankful he too have me ETC... but then I don't know what happened. We talked on Monday morning he said his usual lovey dovey stuff, texted throughout the day and then that evening he stopped. Straight ignored me and when I asked him for clarity on Wednesday he said "TBH IDK" what the hell does that mean? We haven't talked since. He didn't delete me from any social media but I ended up doing so. Mutual friends have reached out & stated they're just as confused as I am & he won't talk about it with them.


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  • meet him IRL and let him explain himself, don't let literally a single bad text ruin what you have without knowing the whole story. it may be a personal issue? Communication is key

    • He doesn't respond to my msgs... I talked to him one time on Wednesday and all he could say was I don't know I don't know what wrong I don't know what happened... I can't push someone to talk to me if they're not willing too

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    • Im going to let it be. Thank you for you're input.

    • no prob, if you ever need advice, you know where to come ^_^

  • It means he cheated with an ex plan and simple


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  • Hehe it's fine, teenage code. It's means "To be honest, I don't know".

    • Haha I know what it means I meant like what is that back meaning to guy saying that to a female when she asks why did u ignore me I'm sorry I didn't explain it good enough...

    • Hmm well maybe u could try talking to him in person and ask for him to clarify before you assume he cheated, I don't know that's just what I would do

    • Oh I tried but he won't answer me. He just responds with I don't know I don't know what's wrong with me... and that's not a valid a reason to me. We went from talking to everyday, him claiming me telling people that we're together including the mother of his child to ignoring me completely. I can't help but assume someone else got his attention. I can't make him explain something he's not willing to explain. The whole situation is just weird and confusing.

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