My ex keeps blocking and unblocking me from insta and fb. Even though I dont text her! why would she do that?

we broke up about 2 months ago and she still does that 😂


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  • She may be feeling like this: "Um... Should I start a conversation with him again?" and then this: "Hell no! We broke up!!" then this: "But... I still want to talk with him..." and then this: "What could go wrong in starting a conversation?" and then "But! We broke up!!" XDDD

    Don't worry, she'll stop doing that soon. XD


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  • She's lurking. my ex did that to me too for a long time after my divorce. She doesn't want you to be able to look in on her life, so she blocks you again after stalking you for a bit

    • i just want her to leave me the fuck alone. Next time she unblocks me, I am gonna block her... forever 😈😈

    • that or do what I did. get some female friends in on what's going on and make it look like you're having an open relationship with all of them at once. she'll see it, get pissed off, and either message you asking wtf you're doing, which gives the perfect chance to block her, OR she'll block you again and won't ever look you up again because she's too disgusted with you. either way, it's a win-win-win

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