Ex boyfriend asked me for nudes today?

My ex boyfriend who sternly told me to move on and who I have not been messaging texted me today.
We were having a normal convo and I could tell he still didn't want me back. I was asking about the new girl who he has been talking to for about a month. They are long distance as he is working in Puerto Rico and she lives in MI.

He says he loves her but they are not going to be official boyfriend and girlfriend until he visits the states in 3 months. She might visit him tho. Him and I had a long distance relationship for 1.5 yr which the distance caused too much stress for us. He is now trying it out again with her I guess.

Anyway, he says that they are pretty much dating and that they love each other.

I have been struggling to get over him and I have resisted texting him until today. After having a somewhat normal conversation he asked for nudes from any girl on my phone. First off I don't have other chicks nudes on my phone and second off I'm thinking, if he truly loves this chick, why is he asking ME for nudes.

I planned on setting him up some how but I need advice. I sent him nudes just to see if he was being serious when asking. It sounds desperate of me but hey.

If I want him back, did I make the wrong decision? Should I tell the girlfriend he is talking to what he did so I can get my boyfriend back? What should I do?

I know many will say, "Why would you want this guy back?" But I just think he's still attracted to me and maybe wants me back. What do you think? He was stern when we broke up that we were never getting back together but he has always been the one to change his mind.



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  • do you actively talk to him still. or was it out of nowhere?

    • We broke up about 3 months ago. We both had a lot of stress in our lives and it was long distance. He lost job and crashed car and I went to college and had to make new friends etc.
      I think the stress in his life made him jealous of the fun I was having in college. I will admit I didn't give him enough attention after going to college.

      We casually talked but still bickered for the first 2 months of the break up. However about a month ago he got a new great job AND started talking to a new girl and he quit talking to me. This is when the heartbreak came for me. I was being replaced and I feel he wanted someone new. The breakup was mainly my fault but I only realized it was my fault about 2 weeks ago.

      Anyway, he says he loves this new girl but I feel like a great relationship was thrown out. I feel like I am being associated with the depressing time in his life when he was out of work and generally unhappy with how his life was going

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    • Do you think I should send screenshots to his new girl as a way to set him up? I know it seems immature but I want him back. Would that just piss him off more and make him never want me in the future?

    • i dont think he deserves either one of you

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  • if you have her Fb account I think it would be great if you sent her the screenshot of him asking for nude photos... he deserves it.
    if he loved her he wouldn't ask anyone for such photos, other than that he's just using you and I'm advising you not to do something stupid and send it to him.. just block this mothafuker

    • But if I want him back would sending screenshots to his new girl just piss him off even more and ruin all chances I have with him in the future?

      He's not a bad guy and its not as bad because he is asking ME for nudes not some random person...

      Is there any chance that him asking for pics in a sign that he wants me back?

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    • well send it here than

    • InNeedOfGreatAdvice5

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  • he wants u back

    • Please check out my other posts for more details on the breakup!

      He was very stern that he did not want me back. But I'm starting to think it was a coverup for wanting to be single/finding someone new.

      Hard to believe he would want another long distance relationship.

      He also asked me if I had kissed a guy or had sex yet. (nope)

      He truly comes off as though he has this new love of his life and I'm not sure if he just wants to use me as a side chick or if he still has feelings...

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    • Yeah it's true

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  • She deserves to know what is going on. Send the screenshot of him asking for the nudes. And yes, sending him nudes a terrible idea.

    • I felt like I could have either set him up or won him back by sparking sexual interest in me again. I thought he might want to work things out again... Is this an irrational thought?

    • Would sending her screenshots ruin a potential future with my bf? Should I message my boyfriend first and be like " you realize what you sent me earlier was wrong and kind of shows how little you valued ________ (new girl)?"

      and then maybe "i will send her the screenshots or you can stop talking to her and we can try to work things out"

    • He doesn't deserve you. If he wanted you, he would've said so. If he asked for nudes, he doesn't respect you.

  • Omg, no he just wants to use you. Sending him nudes was VERY STUPID! Block and delete his number

    • I was trying to set him up... but now I am thinking it could have been a bad idea

  • Don't be that cheap he wants to use u

    • Why was the conversation normal at first? Why wouldn't he just ask straight up?

      Why wouldn't he ask some random girl instead of his ex? Does he want me to have feelings for him again?

  • Do not blackmail him. I suggest telling the girl, and cutting him from your lifd completley. Any guy who loved or respected you would not ask for nudes after breaking up with you. If he wanted you he would say so. He would try to set up a meeting. Its clear he had bad intentions with you to start and I know this hurts deeply but if he can do this behind someones back he claims to love, think about what could have went on behind your back? Sending her the pictures of what went on will not make him want you back. You sent the nudes so you will look just as bad and the girl may even start drama with you. Think rationally. If your sister or good friend was in this situation, would things still look the way you are viewing them now?

    • What do you think would be the repercussions of sending the girl the screenshots?

      Since we were long distance, nudes were normal for us to be sending. I realize we are no longer dating but I feel that he would be more inclined to ask me, his ex, for nudes since he may still have some feelings for me...

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