Ex boyfriend asked me for nudes today?

My ex boyfriend who sternly told me to move on and who I have not been messaging texted me today.
We were having a normal convo and I could tell he still didn't want me back. I was asking about the new girl who he has been talking to for about a month. They are long distance as he is working in Puerto Rico and she lives in MI.

He says he loves her but they are not going to be official boyfriend and girlfriend until he visits the states in 3 months. She might visit him tho. Him and I had a long distance relationship for 1.5 yr which the distance caused too much stress for us. He is now trying it out again with her I guess.

Anyway, he says that they are pretty much dating and that they love each other.

I have been struggling to get over him and I have resisted texting him until today. After having a somewhat normal conversation he asked for nudes from any girl on my phone. First off I don't have other chicks nudes on my phone and second off I'm thinking, if he truly loves this chick, why is he asking ME for nudes.

I planned on setting him up some how but I need advice. I sent him nudes just to see if he was being serious when asking. It sounds desperate of me but hey.

If I want him back, did I make the wrong decision? Should I tell the girlfriend he is talking to what he did so I can get my boyfriend back? What should I do?

I know many will say, "Why would you want this guy back?" But I just think he's still attracted to me and maybe wants me back. What do you think? He was stern when we broke up that we were never getting back together but he has always been the one to change his mind.

Ex boyfriend asked me for nudes today?
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