Right decision? I told my ex I don't want to see her ever again.

My ex broke up with me for no good reason. I told her this time I don't want to see her ever again in a nice way. It's to hard to be IN love with someone and be their friend. Last time we broke up I was still in love with her for 9 months and we got back together and I haven't stopped loving her.(I know that sounds dumb) I didn't even see anyone else because I was in love with her and I didn't want to start a new relationship that I wasn't totally invested in. This time I just had enough. Was that the right decision?

Also would that decision ruin my chances of getting back with her if I changed my mind? I don't know what I want anymore. I'm still not over her but I'm wondering if she is over me?
Thanks for the advice, I kinda think there might have been a new guy but idk.


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  • If you are wanting to completely move on forever, then the only way is to never see or talk to her again. I mean, we all say.."lets just be friends now" but everyone knows exes can't just be friends. It will hurt you and her but it's something you will both have to get over. But, if you aren't sure and you might want to get back with her, don't break it off completely. You can't expect to just easily get someone back once you've already pushed them too far.


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  • I'm in the exact same boat bro. My ex dumped me almost a year ago after several years of being together. It was a shallow and horrible reason. About 6 months after of no talking, she got a reality check and realized that despite thinking she deserved someone more attractive, that not many guys out there could treat her like I treated her. Things were good for a month or so until she met this guy at work who swept her off her feet apparently. She whored it up with him, and from what I hear now.. he's a player and sweettalker and she's just one of many for him. I still love her currently to this day and I'm 99% over her. But it's over. I can't do this over and over. You deserve better yourself. There is a girl out there for each of us who will appreciate our loyalty, love and dedication. Best of luck man.


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