Did she just let me down easy or what?

I sent this to my ex because I want her back we been broken up for a about 4 months she was with an ex the entire time I think they just broke up.So here it is

I just wanted to get something off my chest. Since I really don't see us talking near as much since you lost so much interest in talking to me. But here it goes first of all I don't do this and don't know why I am but if I don't it will bother me forever. I know I might have said I would never get back with you and I hoped and thought that I did mean it but not seeing or hearing you for the last few weeks realize how wrong I was. I am always thinking about you even when I try not to but just can't help it. I really have no idea why either. I'm missing you like crazy and you CANT move to NC that's way to far away. :( I guess that's all I have to say you don't have to reply because I know what your going to say either you have a bf, or something new I just wanted to say how I feel so I didn't regret not doing it have a nice life and I REALLY wish you get everything you ask for in life and can be happy.

She sent this:

wow.thanx 4that I'm and I'm sorry for everything and didn't realize that you still care that much.and it wasnt nc it was sc. a couple more hours away.but I gotta do what I gotta do.things aren't getting any better. I'll explain everything at a later time and it will make more sense but right now I'm not ready for that sorry

What do you think I think she was just letting me down easy but at the same time I don't think she knows that I think they broke up so I don't know any advice?
Did she just let me down easy or what?
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