How does a female dumper feel after she breaks up with her boyfriend?

My ex-girlfriend dumped me. She never gave me any reason she just left. After reflecting on our relationship it became clear to me why she left. I was and am still in love with my ex and I know at one point she loved me whole heartedly. I am wondering how a female dumper feels and what kind of emotions do they go through after they leave.


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  • I think the wording of your question is flawed; there's no such thing as a typical "female dumper". Every girl is different, every guy is different, every relationship is different, every break-up is different, everyone's feelings, whether dumper or dumpee, are different.

    In this situation I imagine she's probably heartbroken that she gave you all her love and you could never do the same for her, but at the same time she must be relieved that she found her way out of the situation and can now focus on finding someone who can devote all of his attention to her. Still, I think you'd be a better judge of the situation, and she'd be a better one still. If you really want to know, why not just ask?


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  • Dominique7 pretty much summed it up. It depends on the individual and situation. For example I broke up with this guy once, and it was easy to move on because I really didn't have any romantic feelings for him anymore. On the other hand, my recent break up was harder because I still love him. I miss him, I hope we can work something out in the future, and I still care about him. But I also know that this break up - this time apart - is what's best for us right now.

  • Can't speak for your ex girlfriend since I don't know WHY she dumped you. If you were a jerk - I'm sure she feels RELIEVED that you are gone. If she found someone else and dumped you, then she probably feels GUILTY. Yes, everyone goes through some kind of emotions -- but once they've moved on ( and they will move on) they will forget you. They aren't thinking about you now... so why think about them? If it's over... it's over. Doesn't matter what her emotions are... Does it? People break up for a lot of reasons. Sometimes the girl is the dumper. Sometimes the dumpee... Breakups are painful much of the time - it's a part of life. We just move on and hope we learned from the last relationship what not to do in the next one. Hugz.


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