My ex won't return my stuff?

Hi, My ex and I broke up about month and a half ago, it was basically a mutual decision, we had a very intense relationship, we were great together and we loved each other. He is very young (19) and he is in the stage were he just wants to party with his friends and drink, even though he loved me, I didn't tolerated that so I broke up with him one night that I found out he lied to me about being with friend "sleeping" and, he was in a party with his friends. (he was very loyal, no girls involved) I got mad and broke up with him, he agreed, he told me he needed time with his friends, that everything we had was real, but he wasn't ready to give me what I deserved etc... anyway we broke up in good terms.

It has been the most difficult breakup in my life, because we cared about each other but the timing wasn't right. After we broke up it was very hard to disattach so we had each other on snapchat, We posted snapchat stories all the time about stuff we used to do together, I posted selfies, he posted with his new dog, and we were very aware of what the other was doing. One day I posted a snapchat story in a party, I think he got upset and he deleted me.

Now the problem is, I have a lot of stuff in his house, my favorite bathing suit, my favorite pijama, a watch that I love and a a black blouse I used a lot. I texted him 2 weeks after we broke up asking him that if I could go to pick up my stuff, he told me very politely that he could bring my things to my house. One week after he apologized for not leaving the stuff that he was very "busy". Two weeks has passed and nothing, I wrote him that I could go if he was very busy and he hasn't responded. Is he mad? I really want my stuff!! What is going on with this guy?


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  • I think you going to a party kinda hit a sore soft spot as that was the reason you left him was because of his party life.

    As for your stuff. You might have to take it as a lesson learned. You get your things back as soon as possible or even before breaking up come to mind. Other than the watch the other things seem easily replaceable and it's not a lot of things just 4 items that you've been without for over a month.


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  • wake up! he is still heart broken! If he saw you, it would hurt him more. I think that only you think that you both broke up in good terms. About your stuff, you can forget about them until he has healed fully from all that hurt, he may or not return them.

    • yes, but he doesn't have to see me. I told him to leave the stuff in the door.

    • perhaps he is "sentimental"

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  • Do you have a mutual friend that you can go with?

    • I don't have to see him, I told him to leave the stuff in the door (its a secure place)

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    • no :( as a guy what do you think?

    • He is holding on to them to either torment and punish you, or because he doesn't want to let go. He isn't cooperating right now because he is still needing space and time to think about what he wants. But, ultimately, he has no right to hold your property hostage while he acts like a baby. If you have a mutual friend, maybe that person retrieve your things or at least talk to him about it for you.

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  • sounds to me like he just isn't ready to accept the end of your relationship. you getting your stuff back means to him that it'll be officially over, and he just doesn't want to come to terms with that. what you need to do is go over to his house and talk everything through with him face to face, no texts. he needs to see that this is really what you want ( if it is ), for him to be able to accept it.

  • Yeah he likely is mad at you, even though he agreed to break up


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