My ex girlfriend won't return my stuff. why?

Long story short.
Ex-gf broke up with me 2 months ago. I return her stuff a week after. 7 weeks later i ask my friend to collect my stuff. she says she'll drop it off herself. i tell my friend, tell her no, you'll pick it up from her. she texts me the following:
"hey, i was going to drop off your stuff tomorrow. but u seem really keen on having your friend pick it up. let me know what you prefer and i'll make the arrangements."

i text her "can you just drop it off with my friend."
there has been no response on her end for 4 days now.

i'm confused. if this were really over, wouldn't she have given my stuff back already? or is she using this as a way to see me?


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  • She probably either wants a more final good bye or to coax you into a fight so you can be the bad guy or she likes your things and wants to keep them for herself now.


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  • She most likely wanted a face to face finale. Show her you are over her by being a bigger man. Collect your things from her calmly. Be polite and just say thanks.


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  • It seems like she wants a reason for you to come back.
    Or she just wants to see you one last time...
    Who broke up with who?

    • she broke up with me

    • Maybe she regrets breaking up with you, or needs a reminder of you..
      Either that or she wants a proper goodbye

  • yea sounds like she wants to have final words with you in person? But why won't she text you back? If it is valuable stuff, bring her to court.

    • ok so the consensus is she wants to have a final goodbye or final words. This sounds like closure. Why would she need closure if she broke up with me? Unless she has second thoughts. Right?

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