Ex refuses to give me my stuff back?

So, I WAS dating this girl I met back in HS and took classes with in Community College, well recently, I broke it off with her because I'm more preoccupied with school than I am with a relationship.(And the fact that she was clingy and always wanted me to see her when she knew I had so much work didn't really help either.)

Well a few days ago a close friend who works at our local mall called and told me she was in the Victoria's Secret with her ex. I thought it was just her overreacting maybe, until I called MY ex(the one who won't give me my stuff back, confirmed this). Well, I told her that it was cool that she was talking to old friends and rekindling things with her ex, but that I wanted my stuff back(shirts, school hoodie, jacket, but most importantly: a jeweled, golden necklace that my mother gave me when I was a child, you can imagine the immense sentimental value it holds for me and the trust when I gave it to my significant other). She replied a few minutes later with, "Those aren't my problems."

Now, I'm a nice guy, but if you treat me the wrong way, don't expect me to help pull you out of a fire. So should I just go over there and kick the door and just push her and her ex(probably even current) boyfriend out of the way if they're there or keep badgering her for my stuff back? What should I do? She obviously won't listen to reason as I've texted her a few times since then asking for it back. But she hasn't responded at all.
Can I request a Civil Stand-by even though it's just an ex-girlfriend?


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  • She's definitely doing it to hurt you because she still cares. I feel like things that ex's have of yours are like a representation that it's not over because eventually you'll be back. Once she gives that up, she's giving up that possibility (in her mind). When I had my breakup, I gave the stuff back slowly so I could have some contact still. Not saying it's right, but that's likely what's going on.

    As far as how to retrieve it, text her (because no doubt she will see it) and tell her if she doesn't give it back, you'll take legal action because of the value of the necklace (doubt you can take someone to court over a hoodie lol). Not that you'll get that far, but read up on your rights and let her know you're aware of what you can and can't do and she'll probably just let it go if she's sane.


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  • ex's suck ass. but there is one thing, if you GIVE someone to someone, you can't expect it back. But if you LENT something, you can sure ask for it. EVen if it holds sentimental value. just have to give it up. no laws against ex gfs having valuable stuff you GAVE them, unless she STOLE it.

  • That is exactly why you should get your stuff back BEFORE breaking up with someone.If they have you stuff chances are they aren't going to be willing to give it back. If they keep refusing to give you stuff back I would probably get the police involved >->


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