Why hasn't my ex girlfriend giving my stuff back or called me?

My ex girlfriend broke up with me after 2 months of going out in early June. She gave me the standard lines like I was a great guy but we simple weren't clicking and we were different people and so on. The relationship was good and at least on my end I had a lot of fun. During the relationship she always talked about us moving in together and traveling, which took me off guard and was always hesitant about so early in the relationship. But eventually that stopped and I noticed she was becoming distant in the last weeks and out of the blue she broke up with over the phone.

What sucks is that I had falling in Iove with her. She was everything I always wanted in a women and more. When she broke up with me I told her how I felt and she never really said anything after that other than goodbye when the conversation was over. But I have got the message. She didn't want to go out and she never really cared for me or she wouldn't have broking up with me over the phone. Since then I have not spoken to her or seen her since that night, but before we said goodbye she said she wanted to return some stuff of mine and get the stuff back I had of hers. I told her I couldn't see her right now but I will leave it at a mutual friends store and she can get her stuff and leave mine there. She agreed and that was the end of it.

I brought her stuff there 2 days later and waited for about 3 weeks and nothing of mine came back. So I decided to force the issue and brought her stuff to her work and left it with a clerk I knew and told her to give it to my ex. In the stuff I did leave a brief letter explaining some of my actions during the relationship, a little about me feelings and wishing her the best as we both moved on. Nothing begging her to come back.

But after another month has past and still no stuff I sent to very short and clear emails to her asking for it back and still nothing. No reply, no text, no anything. She works only 3 blocks from my friends store and lives a quarter of a mile from it. So she has had no excuse not to return it. She can frankly keep the stuff as all I want is a closing to this chapter and not to know anything is holding me up.

So my question is this. Why the heck hasn't she done this? Is she waiting for me to call her like my sis says? Is she trying to figure things out before she returns it? Or as I think she really doesn't care. As much as I would like her back, I am realistic and all I want to do is move on with my life but this is a final obstacle in my way preventing me from completing the final process.

Speak of the devil. She replied to my email stating that she has tried to return it but the drop off location has been closed. This seems odd since the hours are clearly posted and it has been nearly 2 months.
I should add that she says "I will try to make an effort next week to get it back to you" I don't even know how to respond to that.


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  • im dealing with the same crap ! my ex wouldn't take his stuff back he kept ignoring the issue... 3 weeks later I showed up with his stuff and told him to get mine together ... and yet here I am 1 month after still WITHOUT my stuff back... I'm just convinced I'm not getting it back


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  • honestly I'm one to do it right then and there or the next day ... this is the first time I'm ever going threw this myself... and I've lived with my other ex... and I moved out the next day ... I've given up at this point because now he's telling people he has nothing of mine... which I know he does... but I fully throw in the white flag and ill just buy myself new items


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    • Been there... Done that... Sure, it's fun! but would peoplewatching over the internet think its fun and silly? THanks for trying!(:

    • Then...........................naked prank phone calls!

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