My ex adds my family on facebook?!!!?

Just recently, I got a friend request by my ex boyfriend (we dated for a year and a half). We haven't talked in months! Even before school ended, that's why I deleted him. But I figured oh well I'll accept. Turns out, he ALSO friend requested my mom and sister! Here's the conversation we had:

ME- hey, so I noticed you friend requested my sister..random..?

HIM- lol I requested all of you guys!

ME- Why?

HIM- why NOT? (:

ME- Because we haven't really talked in months so its random

HIM-i know xD but I don't know I just felt like adding you guys.


Personally, I think that EX boyfriends/girlfriends shouldn't add family members of their EX. It's just weird.

But would anyone have an idea why he did that?

Woah! Just noticed that he even requested MY BROTHER IN LAW...?
Well this thing is, he wasn't a crazy boyfriend. I just find it weird be HE was the one who broke up with ME. And now he's adding my family members on facebook..? We broke up almost a year ago.


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  • yea that is completely weird .. I wouldn't think so if it was recent like mine.. as I said, but, being it was a year ago he's trying to get back in your life again.. not sure if he regrets breaking up with you or just wondering how you are... getting your family involved is really inconsiderate and insensitive.. but maybe he's not thinking it's a big deal only a connection. like "hey, I liked that family.. they were cool.. I haven't spoken to them in a year"... a lot of times you can like the family better than the other half (sorry), I was on that end... and it is painful to lose everyone. not just the one person. he could be completely have no bad intention here, and be harmless. if you can wait it out to see what he does and just lay low, I recommend that.. just live your life.. it's bothering you because you feel betrayed and hurt still. that pains is hard to get rid of. so try to make your life happy.. fill it.. and don't know if you are with anyone I can't remember it's late I'm too tired to reread lol, but try to meet other guys so you can fully move on. you'll see that this is such a small thing in comparison of what your life really is. this is just the stupid internet.. it really can mess with you big time. I hope you can have some peace and happiness soon. really x

    • Aww thanks (: and actually, I was with someone else afterward but then we ended like 5 months ago so I'm more hurt over that one than the other one. I've been over this ex for a while lol so for him to show up is just like "ugh what do you want?" you know?

    • Well he probably discovered your new found freedom, and he's trying to creep back in your life again. don't let him. :) good luck!!

    • Haha alrighty, thanks (:

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  • yeahh that's really weird! I think he's just trying to mess with you, tell your family not to accept him, I really doubt he'll feel offended, if he's just trying to get in your head.

  • he's really trying to mess with you... and find people that are willing.. you either have to speak to them or just let this go. probably best the latter.. because he'll keep trying to get your goat. I suggest you go outside and get off the computer. I have the same problem with ex drama.. and while the LDR was a bad thing when we were together it's also a good thing now.. because I can shut him off whenever I feel like it. lay low if you must and don't let him see your comments... if he sees he can't even "see" or "reach" you he'll eventually get bored.

    • Well this thing is, he wasn't a crazy boyfriend. I just find it weird be HE was the one who broke up with ME. And now he's adding my family members on facebook..? We broke up almost a year ago

  • sounds like my ex.. although it was the other way around..i had them remove him.. he didn't want to remove them, but had no problem with me gone.. it's like a control issue I think. I think he likes the fact that he can be in your circle and you have no power over it because they're not directly involved. I think you just should make sure they do not add him and tell them he's being manipulative (he is)... and if it's too late, have them delete him. do not allow any weirdness in.

    • Lol oh no, it is too late. But my mom likes him (he was a really good boyfriend) so she'll accept. I warned her already though.

    • Well if he's dangerous or a real nuisance, have her delete him. but if you think he's harmless and just nosy and a bit hurt about the end of the relationship, just ignore him.. (or block him if you can feel the strength to do so)........ I think over time he will get bored.. and sorta fade out.

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