Girlfriend totally ignoring me after coming back from vacation. What does it mean?

So, my Girlfriend went out of town for the weekend to go to a wedding where she was to be a bridesmaid. She got back Sunday. At least I think she did. I'm not sure because she hasn't returned any of my calls or texts since then. Before she went out of town we were talking/texting all the time and couldn't get enough of each other and were even making plans to spend our birthday together since we share the same birthday (coming up next month). I'm totally confused.


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  • No dude, it doesn't necessarily mean that she met someone. During that wedding she could've received attention from people, yeah if you have a good looking girl that's expected. Maybe she really does like you, however doesn't want to commit to someone early in life when she looks good to fool around with people.This happened to me, however the girl never treated me with the disrespect she treated you. She is just confused and in most cases when a girl is confused about a relationship, it means she doesn't want to be with you or anyone in that moment.

    It's common for girls to do this under their 30's because there is no rush to find a husband. I take it that you are boyfriend material rather then a fling relationships that she might want now. Take it from me bro, I was just with a girl who was my FWB, and for a while it was just a fling. However she didn't want a serious relationship and we had to stop because she was falling in love with me. Prior to f***ing, she told me she is used to just having one night stands with guys, rather then continued sex and got hurt in the past with old boyfriends that treated her like sh*t.

    None of this is your fault, she is just scared or uncertain that she wants a relationship. To give you advice, just continue being friends if you are OK with it. If this really does bother you, then just dump the girl. Because in most cases, it will be hurtful to keep her as a friend.


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  • that doesn't sound right. she's not sending you back messages. that's not a good sign. I'm not going to sugar coat it. how about stopping with the texts and calls and see what happens. she might have done something or who knows if she really went to a wedding in the first place. but don't accuse of course but it isn't polite to not return a call or a text or whatever. I would be suspicious if I were in your position.

  • Wow, that sounds terribly fishy. Have you left her a message? I would leave her one more message and see if she answers that. If she doesn't then I would move on.

    • Why move on? she got back on sunday, he should conversation face to face, that what she wants, (sending one more message and move on) you may want break up between them.

  • You don't know how the wedding went or what happened. She would have met someone e3lse, she could have had a stressful time with a "bride-zilla" and needs time alone to relax, or she could have some catching up to do. OR her friends could have told her something to second guess the relationship and she is taking time to think about it before she gets back. or she realized that if you are talking/texting all the time, you still need to be your own person and that gets difficult if you are in constant communication with someone

    maybe she broke her phone?

    whatever it is, be patient. if something is supposed to happen, it will.

  • She might have met someone else

    • Why couldn't she just tell me that tho if that's the case? Uncertainty and worry is way worse than flat out being dumped.

    • I don't think she's dumping you. She probably just needs some time to sort out her feelings. I've been in her situation where I meet a guy that I have instant chemistry with who isn't my boyfriend. It doesn't mean anything beyond an infatuation

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  • she met someone, probably slept with him..

    Now she's back she doesn't wanna see or talk to you because she either wants to break up or she feels guilt..

    Either way, u're out

    Sorry to sound harsh...

  • Hello..

    wow that sucks dude.. sounds like she may have met someone, if that's the case then she's giving you the cold shoulder while she thinks.. the problem is she's been selfish becouse she's aware how your feeling about her silent treatment but she's has no interest in been there for you..

    my advice is to give her 1 more call and then walk away for a while.. unless she goes to your house then there's really no point.. you CANNOT trust a women who acts like this..

    HOWEVER bare in mind if she has seen someone else she's seen somthing that interests her then she didn't see in you..

    Good Luck.. trust me I know these are hard times for you (recently got out of a relationship)..

    - Chris

    • I second this answer. Don't get hung up on her. If everything turns out alright and she acts like nothing happened, let her know what she did to you.

  • she cheated on you, and doesn't have the guts to face you


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