My ex (24M) wants to be friends with benefits with me (18F). What should I do?

We had a somewhat rough breakup as I wasn't exactly faithful, but our relationship was very short (like 3 weeks). Since then, we have been talking and he describes what happened as water under the bridge and has told me he wants to be best friends and considers me his best friend in the U. S. (he's here on a student visa with his family). He also said he is closing the door on a relationship now so I can work on my issues (depression and borderline alcoholism). He's close to his family, and he has told me after everything happened that they told him to really think about it and have told him that I was the best girlfriend he had ever had. I'm not trying to sound like a jerk saying that, but it is what he has told me. We started talking on the phone again, and he said that he thought we took things too fast.

However, the point is last night he said how he missed having sex, even going as far as to say I had spoiled him sexually. He suggested that we could be friends with benefits like the movie (which I think they end up together in the end, not sure if that's how he meant it though). I'm not sure how to navigate any of this, and anyone who has advice or experience with things like this, I'd love to hear it. Thank you in advance.
My ex (24M) wants to be friends with benefits with me (18F). What should I do?
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