I miss my ex when I'm drunk?

It's been over a year and in everyday life everything is good I accepted that it's over have 0 contact to her whatsoever.

Anyway this weekend I got drunk and as I was sitting there in the club I couldn't stop thinking about her and it made me sad.

I've been single since the break up and only have sex every once in a while.

So it might be normal for me to think about her, or do I unconsciously still miss her?

What do you think?

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  • I think you miss her. That thing that people say that we do stupid things while drunk it's not true. When we are drunk our emotions get more clear than ever because we are not with reason part of our brains connected so we don't have a judge anything reasonable we just let our emotions guide us.

    • Yes and no. I believe being drunk just makes you think more about everything.

      I do miss her to an degree no doubt about that but I think I miss the intimacy and connection we shared more then I actually miss her.

      If I would really miss her I probably wouldn't be able to start a new relationship but I wouldn't have any problem starting something new if someone I feel connected to shows up.

      I know it's been "only" a year but I already struggle to remember her face or her voice. Can you really miss someone you start to forget?

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    • Well you are indeed confusing me but don't be sorry it's not your fault.

      So you believe that since I miss the good times we shared I miss my ex as a person?

    • No at first I just thought you missed her. But now since you said you miss the intimacy and connection I think you just miss the moments you two shared

  • U miss her


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