Should I Respond to my ex throwing shade?

we were really good friends before we got together and after we decided mutually to break up. She seems like the type that would jump from relationship to relationship after a break up but I didn’t care who she was with. I was honestly happy for her.

Fast forward to few weeks or months I would say after the break up. I don’t remember how long it was because this happened about a yr ago But she got with this new guy and for a few months we would talk as friends and stuff and she’ll tell me about her new relationship and stuff like that. I was always there for her giving her advice. Not because I wanted to get back with her but because I cared for her and considered her a friend.

Few months into into her relationship. She confessed that she still love me and wanted to try again and blah blah blah She ended up in my room one time and tried to cheat on her boyfriend and I declined her. That was a major red flag for me. To never get back with her. We moved passed All of that and she never told her boyfriend what almost happened.

Her New relationship started to have problems and both of them started to cheat on each other. She would tell me everything. She cheated on her boyfriend with her ex before me and a few other people. They eventually broke up and she tried to get back with me a few months after. We messed around for s bit but didn’t get back together. We barely spoke to each other after that. Talked off and on for months.

now she’s mad that I have a girlfriend and didn’t tell her. She’s subliminally throwing shade at me on Snapchat calling me a fuck boy and f me and stuff.
Should I Respond to my ex throwing shade?
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