Not ready for a relationship?

I'v been friends with this guys for months but for the last 2 months you've grow closer. We cuddled watching movie, hold hands while he drives, kisses, had sex.. but last night he told me: "Before this gets to far I just want to say that I am still not ready for a relationship. I'd like to be with you but I feel like I am not ready yet. (He broke up with his girlfriend 4 months ago) I still can't trust anyone, and I am starting to over think and doupt" I know that he likes me, its pretty clear by the way he act... should I wait for him or move one?
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+1 y
He told me to trust him that i will know when the time comes that he is ready
+1 y
Almost 2 weeks now without any news from him 😔
+1 y
He texted me drunk last night saying that he miss me and that he like me but that he is scared af to be in a relationship. That I seems to be the best girlfriend and that he wish he could be more stable. That he is sorry
+1 y
I confronted him 2 days ago about if he see something developping between us in the future... He said : I honestly don't know. I just can't see myself with anyone right now. I'd be a horrible boyfriend right now and Im concentrating on myself more then anything. Life is stressing me out and im just not ready to make a commitment yet. Your an awesome friend and I like to hang out with you but like I said, im not ready for a commitment.
+1 y
I know you want more then just friends but I can honestly only do friends right now. I go out and drink with the bros to escape reality and it feels great. Im not afraid to open up to you, its just that im scared that you get the wrong message out of what I am saying. Friends is the only thing that I can really handle right now. Its not that I am going around fucking other people like a fuck boy cause im not, your the last girl I'va ever had anything with. im not ready for nothing serious
Not ready for a relationship?
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