Girls, what does it mean if you touch someone's lower back?

so my crush broke up with her boyfriend recently, and she has started acting differently (I helped her through a bit of it, and we hung out that night, just me her brother and a friend.

well lately at work she's been touching my arm if I'm talking to her, or lightly touching my lower back if I'm turned away talking to someone and don't notice her.

what exactly does this new touching signify? she really can't be over her old boyfriend yet can she, its been less then 2 days, and they had been going out 6 months.

she dumped a lot of her past at my feet that day...


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What Girls Said 1

  • she wants to get you horny, that flirty bitch

    • I don't think its like that, the reason she broke up with her last boyfriend was because he was trying to pressure her way to hard for sex when she wasn't comfortable with it (she has a few physical relations issues, she was engaged for 6 years and he screwed her and left)

    • Well she's definately trying to give you hints that she likes you, it's right there

    • Kinda what I was hoping... thought it was way to soon and I was reading too much into it tho. thanks for the help. now to find a day work doesn't have us working opposite shifts so we can hang

What Guys Said 1

  • She is feeling vulnerable, touching can mean something or it can mean nothing, depends on the context. If she broke up, she will be emtoinal, loss of relationship, maybe tempted to call him, get back with him etc... and she might be looking for comfort and support from someone else... not necessarily a relationship from you unless she wanted to do that...


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