Ex girlfriend kissed me?

she broke up with me. I used no contact rule for 8 days. I sent an email saying I'm over you and agree to the break up and wished her god luck. she called then messaged asking me to come over. said she wants to be friends, but then we kissed and made out for 15 to 25 min. I'm confused...what does she want?


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  • If she contacts you again, you should ask her to be straight forward. Tell her you weren't trained to read minds and she needs to come forward and be honest, no bull sh*t.

    As a girl, it seems that she's not ready for you to be over her and she still wants power over you. That, or she's just not over you.

    I wouldn't make any effort to contact her, but don't be unfriendly about it. Just be sure that you're over; and if you aren't over her, get over her. You can do better :)

    • Thank you. I agree...I'm not trained to read minds!

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    • From a girls perspective I can tell you that she sounds like she's just immature. She just might not be capable of having a steady relationship because she's just not ready; worst case scenario is that she just wants to mess around with people (again, worst case scenario). I would say to sit her down in a romantic way and talk to her.,. actually let me think about how you should ACTUALLY do this. I'll respond again soon.

    • Thanks. pls let me knwo when you thought about it..

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  • She wants to have you around.

    • u sure? what makes you say that. a lots happened since then. I got a new girlfriend. now the ex is single and hooked up with me twice. she asked me if I'll continue to see the girlfriend


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  • Since you told her you're over her and you're done, she wants you back. I'd stay away.

    • Thanks. but I still like her and care about her. kills me not to be with her. I'm not over her. I don't want to play games... or do I have to?

    • But she is playing games....she now know that you are weak and no matter how many times she will dump you, you will be there for her whnever she needed you. Kissing and making out is one powerful tool she has with her and she is not ashamed to use it whenever she need it. I think you really need to move on !

  • I agree with the "just in case" thing...you need to take a very "I don't care" approach. Just live life to it's fullest everyday even if it's without her. Do not chase her and date other women.

    I got lot of my tricks with dealing with my ex from here==> link

  • I think she also want to keep you around "just in case"...Be aware of it and don't be surprised. This is in their nature...


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