I like my ex boyfriends best friend...help! :(

My ex and I broke up 4 months ago and in the mean time he's already met a new girl and has been hanging out with her and stuff. They arnt a official couple or anything and he still doesn't know if he is even going to get in a relationship with her.

Anyways...during that time I've been hanging out with his best friend a lot...who is also one of my best friends too (we were all roommates before). Anyways...we have been flirting a lot and spending time together...ive developed a crush on him now. All my friends say he likes me but I just don't know yet. He has not told me.

While he's been away for work for the past few weeks, he tells me he misses me and that I'm cute and we talk almost everyday. He's back in town now and I don't know what to do...I have not seen him yet...but of course he wants to hang out soon. I feel like this is a bad thing because he is my ex boyfriends best friend...BUT he's also one of my best friends too.

My ex did tell me I can date anyone I want to...and he did move onto another girl about a month after we broke up (we were together for years and engaged too!). That kind of hurt me to see him moving on quickly.

But now I'm over him and I can't stop thinking about the friend...hes so sweet to me.

Should I pursue this or not? Help!
Yes, go for it! =)
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No...its not a good idea =(
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Even when my ex said that I'm allowed to date him if I want? My ex seems to show he doesn't care too much about it. But I'm no mind reader...
I like my ex boyfriends best friend...help! :(
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