Ex boyfriend's friend contacting me?

Okay so I broke up with my boyfriend about a month ago. The other day his friend, who I had only met twice messages me and asks what happened to me and my ex. I told him and blah blah blah he was like 'I'm sorry but o well there's always something better' and then started talking bout other stuff. It turns out my ex had only told his friends we had broken up a few days ago even tho we broke up a month ago and haven't talked since

so I have 2 questions...

1. Why would my ex not tell anyone we had broken up? Even hos best friend?

2. Why would his friend ask me what happened if he already knew? Just trying to talk to me or what? Idk...

Anything would help, like what would you mean if you were them?

Thanks 4 helping!


Most Helpful Guy

  • well I think your boyfriend was embaressed I'm assuming you broke up with him or he doesn't want to be single.however his friend contacting you means he's interested that's what id do if I were him so he might ask you out in a week or 2 after befriending u


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  • he probably thought one of them would do what he did. try to get at you. If he wasn't your friend before why would he think it was OK to be now? And yes I think he was trying to talk to you. What kind of friend is that. Lets just call him the "situation". Trying to commit the robbery. Id stop talking to him if I was you


What Girls Said 1

  • In my opinion, it sounds like maybe now that you're single he's interested in you. He probably asked you what happened just to start a conversation.


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