Is my ex pretending not to care?

So me and my ex boyfriend broke up 4 months ago
We still stay in touch every week
And we also hang out every week
But I've been seeing this other guy (hes a mechanic/workshop manager) but my ex doesn't know
So today we went for dinner and went to watch a movie together
And then he drive me back home
This was our conversation in the car:
Me - random question, do you think mechanics earn decent money?
Ex boyfriend - that was random, are u seeing a mechanic guy?
Me - no im just asking
Ex boyfriend - nah there's a reason why u asking. Are u seeing a mechanic guy? Or ur planning to date a mechanic guy?
Me - nah just asking coz my brother is studying for it (*this is a lie*)
Ex boyfriend - nah i think you're lying, its obvious, you're seeing this mechanic guy, tell me, i dont care
Me - just dont worry about it
Ex boyfriend - nah tell me.
Me - im not seeing any guy
Ex boyfriend - so ur brother is studying for this? Im gonna ask him when I see him
Me - really?
Ex boyfriend - yep
Me - ok
And then we changed topic
Then 10 mins later:
Ex boyfriend - so you're going out with a mechanic guy huh, i still dont believe that you're talking about your brother, i think you're seeing a guy
Me - whatever u wanna think
Ex boyfriend - i would know if you're dating a guy, coz if i ask u to go somewhere and you say no, i would know that you're seeing someone
Whats his problem?
Does it seem like he cares or he doesn't actually care that im seeing a guy?
Yeah he definitely cares
Nah seems like he doesn't care
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Is my ex pretending not to care?
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