Why do most men prefer curvy girls over petite girls?

I’m NOT trying to be rude or shame curvy girls I’m just curious. I understand cuddling with a skinny person isn’t comfortable and all that. But there’s some stuff I don’t understand

If a girl is short... petite... small... etc. what makes her less attractive than a bigger girl?
Men that like petite girls have told me it’s because we have tight, small, cute, feminine, younger looking bodies. There usually isn’t cellulite, the skin is smooth, soft, etc. we have tighter butts and tighter “holes” from having smaller body frames. They can easily hold us, pick us up, move us around, and easily do certain positions that wouldn’t be easy if we weighed more. That we’re a lot shorter and smaller than them which makes him feel more masculine and the girl more feminine. That we’re just over all smaller, tighter, smoother... etc

But I don’t understand that stuff when i see the LOADS of men that go insane over taller, bigger framed, big butt big boob girls. The girl is sometimes bigger than the man, taller, the same size, has wider pelvic area, can’t be picked up easily most of the time, may not have defined bodies if they’re a lot bigger than petite girls are, cellulite, rolls, etc. I don’t understand it. I’m not trying to shame anybody so don’t shame me. I’m honestly trying to understand it.

Both petite and curvy can have defined bubble butts, etc... but I’m not talking about that.

What is it that makes men more attracted to larger women that are wider and weigh more and bigger overall than men are attracted to smaller petite girls? What’s the difference
Why do most men prefer curvy girls over petite girls?
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