I want my ex back but he deleted me off everything?

My ex boyfriend broke up with me just a few days ago, and he did it over Facebook and blocked me on Facebook after. He claims it's because he feels like I don't love him. However, Facebook is pretty much are only means of contact besides seeing each other in person (he's in a rough patch in his life and doesn't really have a phone, but the guy he's living with does so if it's really crucial I could always get a hold of him through that, I just haven't tried because I don't know quite how to handle the situation). Just, how do I get him back? Do I give him space for a while or what do I do? And I know, you're going to tell me I should just be done with him, but he means a lot to me and I don't want him to get away. Help?


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  • seems harsh way to act by blocking u, I read this and think what options have you got. People go on about no contact, if you can manage it do it. I find writing messages you can't send helps to sometimes even though makes you go crazy. Its hard if he hadn't blocked you either I'm two and half weeks out of a relationship and he is still on chat and updates - it really does mess with your head. In a way at least you can get some space while he sorts his head out. If he really loves you that won't change in two weeks so I think leaving him to it may work, then visit him. Then see where you stand.


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  • Don't contact him, at all. No email, text, Facebook, nothing. Nada. This works.

    If He cares about he's going to start to miss you a lot! Being clingy and needy is unattractive. He expect this of you! He wants you to stroke his ego so don't.

    My ex, stubborn and seriously harsh to me called me after only ten days of no contact asking if I had a boyfriend.

    It works :)

  • Get him back carefully. Be careful what you say and do. You might wanna actually go visit him to really get the message through. Pour your feelings out on him. He might just feel like he really does need a break, but I rarely ever hear of the man wanting a break. Hope all goes well for you guys. =)


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