Ex boyfriend created fake profile to contact me on facebook...why?

I had a very hot and cold, on/off relationship with a guy for 10 years. We met when I was 19, and he was 18. Sparks flew immediately...Was very intense for the first month and We were both head over heels for each other. He even told his mom the night we met that 'i think I've met the girl I want to spend the rest of my life with.' He was in the navy, so the relationship after the first month was long distance...calls, letters...This was a few years before email came about.

He'd come back on leave, we'd get close, but then he'd start acting weird, distant and push me away. He'd get very smug, aloof and competitive for some odd reason. We'd fight, then break things off...it was really heart breaking. We'd get back in touch every few years and try again, but it never worked.

During this 10 year span, we'd both been through a marriage, no kids though.

Last time I saw him was 2003, and he blew me off after spending the day together. Was sad, but whatever. I blocked him and other ex's on fb...No need for them to see me or vice versa. last week, he created a fake profile and reached out to me. He sent me two messages...One just said 'hi' under the fake name...I had no idea who it was so I didn't respond. Second message was 'not trying to spark something from the past, just saying hi and hope you're well.' He sent me a friend request too. My response was simple and clear, 'stay out of my life!' I've given him so many chances and it always ends up the same way...with me getting hurt.

Seriously...What is the point of him reaching out to me yet again?

Forgot to mention, early on, we did talk about getting married, but that obviously never happened.
Pretty sad that no guys have answered this yet...that was my whole point in coming here!


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  • I have been you with on the same thing with the whole on again/ off again. Mine was only 2 years and finally we are actually working it out. It seems to me that this whole thing sounds like what I have been going through.. I think that he will always miss you, and always care for you. His feelings with never change for you. Perhaps he has commitment issues and doesn't wanna be settled down for one girl yet but if you get lucky like I did, in time he may come back around and want to be with you and treat you like a queen.

    I don't know if he's on drugs like weed, but that does have an effect on guys (my bf) that they can't really feel emoitions or feelings and don't care bout anything or the consequences. till there not high anymore and notices for months that your was gone. For myself, since than he's been drug free for 5 months he realized that weed affected his feelings and mind. & that he loved me all along and finally realized I'm the one and feels that he can actually think.

    But in the end he does care a lot for you, or he would have moved on and let you go. He obv, can't that's why he keeps coming back. So I say if you don't miss him and is honestly done with him don't go back. But if you do want to go back which I know its hard not to, than tell him things have to be different this time, act strong, and be in control, and telll him I can't keep doing this and this is your last chance to make it right or its over forever. & you gotta show it that you mean FOREVER and show how strong you know are! Make him a little jealous also it tends to work to be like look I can have any guy I want, and I will give my love to someone who will treat me right. Hope all goes good, and if anymore questions about this or anything let me know!


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  • He wanted to know how you were doing, what was going on in your life... A lot of people do this...

  • Wants to stalk you but not let you know he's stalking. Yet you blocked him, so he can't stalk you directly. Someone did that to me, by the fake name of Michael HUNK... O. O Hahahhahhaha.

  • Maybe he thinks that you guys should try it again and give it another chance? Because that's what it sounds like. Maybe that's why he made a fake name, because he knew you would reject him if he used his real name


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