Cheating girlfriend wants me back!


After going out with my girlfrriend of 4 years, (liviing together for 3 1/2 years) she leaves as she says its not working out! She then comes back and tells me she was seeing someone else for 6 months behind my back and left becuase she felt guilty, she cited I was not giving her enough attention which was true as I was under a lot of stress with work! She also now admitted that she started seeing him after we split up. Two months has gone by and she has turned up saying she misses me and wants me back, she lies in bed with this new bloke and just thinks of me! She came round the day after returning from a weekend break with this bloke and was all over me kissing me, not the first time since we have split up!

She tells me she wants me back but wants to go on a few dates first to see if we can get what we had back! I want her back full time so we can work on issues we may have about trust etc.

What is really annoying me is the thought of her still going round this blokes house, she says she needs time to sort it but does she mean what she is saying?. Met up for a drink last night and face to face she says one thing but then by text she is non comittal! This should be on my terms not hers any ideas or adviuce on what I should do?

Im not a stalker either I have give her space and only replied to to her txtx as I have made myself not tx xher ring her, can I trust this girl again? Thanks


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  • here's what I would say... to her (just a thought of what I might say if i was you) that's ok i'd like to take it slow as well however if it means your still going to have this other guy around a well trying to work on us... i suggest you stay away from me until he's completely out of the picture.. then we can talk about how we can solve our issues. until then I see no need to do any thing in that direction until he is out of the picture totally.. i'm not going to be a fall back guy ever again so you better take this as your last chance.
    a relationship is between 2 people not 3 or more..


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  • yep...keeping you on the sideline for emergency. I agree with letsbereal, words are sh*t. Actions count. If she is non comittal then she is just playing games by keeping her safe. My advice, stay clear of her and look for somone who commit to you and be there for you only.

  • Here is what I've learned about women. Whateevr they say " I love you" I hate you" doenst mean sh!t, they truly speak with their actions.

    Here is what you do, tell her that you met somebody and you felt like she is playing games so you're cutting it off, you don't want anymore contact.( be firm) tell her that she may only contact you when all this BS is sorted and is ready for a commitement. If she really wants you back that's going to shake her up a bit. If she doenst budge then she was just making sure you're on the sideline waiting.


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