I want us to get back together. Letter to ex? Mom says it's good but...

its not a good idea to send it. Its really hard not to tell the girl I love how I feel and that I understand. Here's the the letter.

Hey just wanted to let you know I agreed to the break up a long time ago but was unable to tell you the day of the break up. I gave you a commitment that you could not possibly keep up with. I do not blame you or me for the break up. We both know that basketball, your family, school, and friends is enough already and I don't want to take any of that away from you. People enter and exit our lives but each one has a lesson for us. Everything happens for a reason and I would not take back our time spent together. You taught me a lot and I'm thankful for that. Please don't think I'm mad at you. Hope you’re doing well take care.

I'm just confused and yes deep down I want us to get back together.


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  • i think it's a nice letter, send it

    • yeah but my mom says its a bad idea to send it but she liked it. I'm confused

    • i think you should. closure is not a bad thing

    • Yeah but part of me wants her back and if I do decide to send it I don't know when a good time would be she broke up with me in mid november

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  • i would say in your letter that deep down you wnat to be together. if you truly wanna be with someone, go for it. you don't want to be looking back later down the road thinking, "what if.." you know? you live life only once. I see no reason why you can't try again and find a way to make things work.


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  • That's not the type of letter you should send.. here is a good example ==> link


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