My boyfriend stole money from me... What should I do?

My boyfriend quit his job maybe 5 months ago. He works from his twitter account so it wasn’t a big deal. However, recently this month we hit some speed bumps since we’re going on a trip for his birthday... Mostly paid by me. I’m doing so he’s been going to the gym everyday in the morning while I go to my full time job. I’ve been telling him to find a real job for when our lease is up since he quit, but he hasn’t been in a big hurry to do so. Finally this month comes around and he says he’s had some troubles saving money for rent. Now we’re struggling to pay our rent, since I have my own bills to pay... I pulled out $660 cash just to have for New York in case we went anywhere that needed cash. I told him I was going to give him a portion of it for spending money and the rest Would be for emergencies since I have my debit card. I put the cash in a shoebox that he knew it was in. Today when I went in there to check... I was missing a $20 nil. I recounted 6x’s same thing. The only reason I went in to check was because my brother (who lives with us) texted me that he was missing money that was on the table that you pass walking into the house... Me and my boyfriend also have a savings bottle that has money that I put in there for our NewYork trip... However, when I was going to check I noticed the money was gone out of there as well. His explanation was.. “I was going to put it back before we left...” ... SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME WHAT TO DO!!! I’m now looking at him a little bit different because that kind of breaks trust
My boyfriend stole money from me... What should I do?
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