How do I (F21) get over the feeling of being “replaced” after my ex-boyfriend (M 23) jumped into a new relationship?

So me (F21) and my ex-bf (M23) were on and off for a while. For the most part, he was doing the “breaking up” and then he would run back to me multiple times. He was the first guy I dated that told me he “loved” me so I definitely felt very special. We jumped into a relationship and the first month or so was amazing. We had such a good time together.

However many things like timing, personality traits, and compatibility stood in the way. This led to him breaking up with me —> I accepted it but feel very hurt —> he runs back to me 3 days to a week later —-> we talk up again and get back together

He told me that the reasons he would “run away” were because there were things about me that he couldn’t deal with... however he would come back because he loved who I was as a person and how great and amazing women I was. This hurt me a lot. I never felt good enough for him. He brought out the worst of me and made me feel insecure and needy.

Fast forward a couple of months and more drama... I get a call from my friend that my ex posted a picture of him and this “new girl”. Sure enough... he found a new girlfriend about 1 week after us talking back up again (we took a one month break) I felt horrible and replaced. I called him up and asked him. He told me he liked her and they “just started talking,” He told me she was older and just finished school... she’s just better. I’m glad for him in the sense that he found someone that was more compatible with him but... how do I shake off the feeling that I was reused and replaced by my ex-boyfriend that I loved? He's posting her all over IG and seems so happy.

I get treated like shit... and he gets to be in a happy relationship?
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Ex #1 He broke up with me once saying “I don’t want a relationship right now. I don’t want to hold you back. You should move on” It hurt but I respected it at the end of the day. I didn’t call or text him. I stayed home, wondering why I wasn’t good enough. Later that week... he’s calling me.. asking if we can try again and that he misses me.

Ex #2 We ended things once and after we got back together it was weird. He suggested for us to just “date” and “take it slow” which I was fine with but then
How do I (F21) get over the feeling of being “replaced” after my ex-boyfriend (M 23) jumped into a new relationship?
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