Do guys forget about their ex girlfriend when they hook up with someone new?

i am just curious to find out..if a couple breaks up (guy dumped the girl) and after 2-3 months the guy finds some other girl ..does it mean he completely forgets about the ex girlfriend? like will she ever cross his mind? or will he ever miss her?


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  • No he won't forget. Depending on the emotional connection he had with you, if it was deep and serious, that person will come to mind a couple times a week.

    If it was nothing serious, he might wonder, but then it'll shrug off. I was left by my girlfriend whos an ex now. I was in love, she always crossed my mind, still does sometimes and I've been with other girls. but that's cause I'm thoughtful and a caring type guy. Was just talking to her a bit ago here and there through emails, she has a boyfriend now. she still loves me she said. I doubt it though, she was a real B_... to me.

    but he won't forget you, unless he has short term memory. Once you dated someone, they're always etched into some place in memory if that's all there is left.

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    • Well. The way to get closure is by accepting what's happened. By allowing the bad experiences to become lessons. You can't let the guy affect you anymore. He doesn't talk to you or contact you, he's left you be. If he's already having fam. introduced he's probably moved on somewhat. He's pretty immature to talk crap about you though. If you need any help just look me up on FB. - Ian Shine McClannan.

    • yeah you are right I should just let it go..forget about him and move on..may be they are good for each other...thanks for your answers and help!=) I really appreciate it!

  • Depends on the guy.

    If he has any substance at all, he'll never forget her and he'll miss her every so often.


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