How to tell masc lesbian likes you?

I’ve liked her for almost a year now. We’re in the same friend group. She usually picks me up for things, she’ll run errands with me occasionally (i pick her up), we talk a lot, we laugh a lot (although sometimes I don't know if it’s genuine, i overthink a lot), we’re somewhat touchy. we’re both the types of people to not really be touchy unless we’re dating someone. but we’re kind’ve touchy with other people. she always hugs me when she sees me, and there was one time i was very upset about something and she wrapped her arms around me and i leaned my head into her chest. we sat like this for a while, maybe an hour? huge deal because she never initiates stuff like that, she also never initiates hugs with people. i just don’t know if i should find it weird that we’re more touchy with other people but not with each other? does that mean maybe we’re just too nervous around each other? because i overall think we’re just nervous around each other. i’m just having a hard time figuring out if she has feelings.
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let me add on with the negatives of this though. out in public when we’re out as a group she’ll point out other hot girls. one on one she doesn’t really do it though. one on one she’ll talk to me about girls that she kind’ve likes, but she doesn’t actually like them. she likes the idea of them, like from a distance. she never talks to them or initiates anything with them. so i wonder if she just feels super comfortable with me but has no romantic interest? my friends also know i like her.
How to tell masc lesbian likes you?
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