Do you think my ex girlfriend has "grass is greener" syndrome?

My ex girlfriend left me for someone else on February 21st and she seemed so confident in her decision. She told me I could move out of our house and she could stay there. Well I didn't, we had done no contact for 2 half weeks then she started reaching out about small things and just talk. Then she started calling me here and there. I asked her why she hasn't changed her mailing address to where she lives and all she said was "I just don't want too". Then when I told her I was going to move out of the house she told me "don't move" and "I still love you I'm just lost". Why does she not want me to move? She even kept some pictures of us and still has a picture of us on her phone as my contact picture. She even told me to hang some stuff back up that she made for both of us. She also said "I don't know what is going to happen" and "I don't know what I want". So do you think she has Grass is Greener Syndrome? What are your experiences with it? (by the way we were together for 1y 10m and we NEVER fought or argued) Thank you for reading ❤
Do you think my ex girlfriend has grass is greener syndrome?
Do you think my ex girlfriend has "grass is greener" syndrome?
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