What effort should I expect from an ex who said he wants to start over but go slow?

My ex and I split up in April. We both had personal issues going on, mine being low self esteem and felt I was being taken for granted.

He broke trust by lying to me and me catching him out (it wasn't cheating) so I was very suspicious of him when he was alone. He said he loved me and wanted a future together but his actions didn't mount up. My breaking point was when he did nothing for my birthday (he knew it was a big deal to me). The next day I broke up with him.

We went 2 weeks no contact and he was lashing out by removing me from his social media and groups we were part of. When we spoke he said he really wants to start over and take things slow and seemed invested in trying to get me to agree. I said we both need to work on our personal issues before I consider getting back with him which he agreed and understood.

He was keeping constant contact, being complimentary and trying to make plans to see me. When we hung out he was extremely affectionate. Lately however, his texts are sparse, he takes hours to reply. He hasn't asked to see me in over a week but asks for me to send sultry pictures of myself to him which I've ignored. He doesn't send good morning or good night texts like he used to and im starting to think that maybe he's changed his mind and doesn't want to put the effort in for me to take him back.

Am I wrong in thinking that because he's the one who caused our issues resultinf us to break up in the first place, then he's the one who should be making all of the effort? I want to make him excited about me again, I'm also not initiating anything just in case what I'm thinking is right (essentially moving on, but I do want it to work with us) and wondering how I should proceed with this situation?
What effort should I expect from an ex who said he wants to start over but go slow?
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