Do you think good karma ever comes back?

I am not going to claim I am a good guy because in a lot of ways I’m not. I’ve been promiscuous in several instances in my life and have made some bad decisions.

However the only time I ever cheated in my life was when I was on my first girlfriend at 16. I confessed what I did and she was livid. She dumped me a week later. I accepted the consequences and made a vow to never do something like that ever again and many years later I kept it.

I have also been in several situations were I could of made other women cheat. I once had a bachelorette hit on me aggressively but turned it down when I found out she was engaged (didn’t realize it at first when she hugging me). She was gorgeous too. I have been in several other past scenarios where a taken attractive women showed interest in me but I didn’t pursue it. It just seemed like really shitty karma to me. I wouldn’t want to be the boyfriend or fiancé/husband being cheated on.

Anyway a few months ago I found out one ex I was serious with years ago had cheated on me. She was the one that broke up with me. At the time I wasn’t surprised (I needed to be on my own at the time) but the WAY she did it was the worst part. She treated me like I was scum of the earth. I later figured she did this to self justify her own guilt for being a cheating pos.

My question is this universe that random where karma doesn’t exist? Is it really dog eat dog? In the last few years I’ve engaged in some other immoral behavior out depression (not cheating though). I got to return to faith in a higher power. I just felt so jaded.

Anyway if there are any asshole/troll comments to this I will block your ass immediately. Just asking this in earnest. I noticed even self proclaimed atheists still oddly have morals even when it might not benefit them. But is the universe really this random?
Do you think good karma ever comes back?
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