Boyfriend of 5 years broke up in text?

Why do you think my boyfriend I’ve been friends/dating just shut down and broke up? I wish he would have done things in a mature kind way. I was mad at him for not wanting to be with me for New Year’s Eve. We had that stress. He asked me out on a date just two Fridays ago but I canceled on him. He waited two days to confirm and waited only a couple hours before it was supposed to start. I made other plans because I didn’t know what happened. I asked him to reschedule two weeks in a row but he ignored and I finally said since you’re ignoring, I am done. Then he replied and said I said we were done three times. So I wrote really kind sweet things to him wishing him the best and happiness. I didn’t do anything to deserve this. He has high stress and ptsd from the military and his job as a deputy now. He’s also very introverted has a hard time being around people even his own family. He has a lot of issues. I feel he’s shut down many times in the past because of the trauma he’s been through. But still a very childish way. I wish we had met in person and ending on loving terms. I’m pretty sure it was another girl and that’s why he didn’t want to face me because he knows I’m such a kind person didn’t want to hurt me but I still wish he had seen me in person. I asked him to forgive me if I hurt him in anyway and I still wanted to work through things and said the kind things. His last reply was “Stay safe out there Jessica. Don’t be complacent and Godbless.” Just totally disconnected but he once told me he can just in a second detach from caring and it’s from his military training. I’m really sad as I really loved him and I had a hard time communicating my needs in the relationship and it was a painful one. He kept me at arms length didn’t let me in. I wish I had texted him if we could please meet in person as it’s the adult thing to do and we dated were friends for the past 5 years. 3 years of dating. Would it look desperate and needy to go back and ask him to meet?

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I’m not going to ask him to meet in person to have a more loving ending. It just has to be painful. I did care for him way more than he cared for me and we were on different pages with different relationship goals. I have gained a newfound confidence being single and falling in love with life more. I feel lighter, happier, and free. I’m no longer weighed down by being in a relationship that was mot going anywhere.
Boyfriend of 5 years broke up in text?
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