How do deal with cutting someone off?


I have been seeing this guy for over 7 months. He did something and screwed up, he turned it around on me and was a complete asshole about it…he slept with an escort and I found out. He doesn’t feel bad about it because “I wasn’t supposed to know” and “we’re not in an exclusive relationship.”

Everyone around me said I should just block and cut him out of my life. I’m supposed to meet up with him tomorrow to talk about things, but I’m leaning towards just not seeing or talking to him again… but there’s a part of me that wants it to be peaceful.

I know if I see him tomorrow, it probably won’t be a peaceful goodbye with him since he displaced his anger onto me for feeling shame/guilt himself.

I just can’t bring myself to cut him off, 7 mths doesn’t sound long at all, but there was a connection and it sucks to say goodbye to this.. even though he’s not good for me.

Has anyone done that? Just ghost a connection without having a talk about it before the real goodbye?
I have anxious attachment, so it’s harder for me.

How do deal with cutting someone off?
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