Why does my ex still believe he was the victim in are break up?


I dated this guy for 3/4 years on and off. We met when we were both 18 and he was my first love. Everything was amazing to begin with, it was just me and him and he was so kind and we were so close. I knew deep down it was to good to be ture.

He kept me a secret because we worked together and always treated me like shit in front of his friends. This ended in me having a eating disorder and abit of a drug habit. The thing is I know how bad it was but it was my cry for attention for him and a cry for help.

He cheated on me multiple times and got his friends to pass over messages to me but he didn't love me anymore and that I wasn't slutty enough for him.

He used to invite me out then ignore me the whole night and ditch me to shag some other girl. It broke my heart but all I wanted at the time was him.

I thought if I was skinny he'd like me more and if I made myself sick again with drugs he'd look after me again and love e again.

I remember one time he caught me making myself sick and he got mad at me and tried to stop me i screamed at him "stop acting like you care".

Then his dad died and he says I wasn't there for him, I'm sorry I according to what he told his friends during this time was but we were never a thing and I made it up in my head and that I was crazy. Also I wasn't there for him because I was in rehabilitation and getting myself better.

I learnt so much when I was away from him and started to love myself again. My whole family hates him. They were the real people I could count on and who really loved me.

I ghosted him for years after that and now I'm 25 and getting married to a amazing man next year. I couldn't be more happier and healthier.

Then he sends a message to my partners business saying he doesn't know the real me and to get out of the relationship basically. My partner knows everything and still loves me. I don't understand why my ex just can't let me be happy. He trued to bring me down once before.

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I have confronted him about this and he said he did love me back but I was too messed up for him, I was messed up because of him and his answer to me being messed up was to cheat on me not support me
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He's actually a single dad now which makes it worse his own mother doesn't talk to him anymore because he went off the rails when he found out I moved on.

I think people are right he's own life sucks so hard and I was the only good thing he had before that and he even messed that up and now he sees my life is way better than his he feels its unjustified or something
Why does my ex still believe he was the victim in are break up?
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